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At Mata, there are many and varied ways to help. Parents are encouraged to find a way to contribute to the success of the school, with their time, talents and/or community connections. Volunteering is also the best way to meet other Mata families and build a network of Mata friends. Some of the volunteer opportunities at Mata include:

Reading Partners Spend less than an hour a week working through a simple reading intervention curriculum with a Mata student. As the tutor, you follow the scripted, straightforward curriculum and help a child improve their reading.

Classroom Materials Ask your teacher if s/he needs help preparing any materials, such as cutting laminated items or after school help organizing the room.

School Events So that the students can focus on their school work, there are very few times that parents are allowed past the “hug zone” at Mata. So it is extra fun to take advantage of those times when parents are asked to help during the school day!

Activities such as Harvest of the Month, Hot Chocolate / Pajama Day, Sweetheart Read, and Field Day involve interacting with students at school.

Other Events Look for sign-ups throughout the year to help with the International Festival, Auction, Sweetheart Dance, Beach Bash and more.

Volunteers at any school-related function MUST be cleared by the district. This can be done at dallasisd.voly.org and must be renewed every year.

Please email volunteer@matamontessori.com for more information about any of these opportunities.