Principal’s Corner: Common assessments, work samples and more

Common Assessments

At Mata, common assessments are created by our instructional team to assess the student’s ability to transfer learned concepts in the traditional paper and pencil assessment format. Common assessments are graded, and teachers conduct conceptual refinement in order to determine if areas of growth are related to understanding the concept or transferring skills from the concrete material to the abstract assessment. We have found the majority of our students need further practice in transfer skills. To address this need, teachers are working with students in small groups to assess some of the simple errors that we encountered in evaluating the assessments. Errors included properly circling or bubbling the answers on the answer document or scantron and word problem strategies.

Community Coffee

Beginning this month we will host a Community Coffee where  we will be available to discuss school questions and/or concerns. Please join us on Thursday, Nov. 19, 7:45-8:45 a.m.

Parent University

We had great success with our first parent workshops: Learning Differences and Planting the Seed for College. Please plan on joining us for our upcoming Montessori Parent University on parent conference night, Jan. 14, 2016. Our instructional coaches will highlight selected materials and lessons with rotating sessions on the hour. More information is forthcoming.

Student Progress & Work Sample

Our team is working to refine the Montessori progress report, so that it useful for both parents and teachers. In January, an updated progress report will be utilized to report out student progress in academic areas and social/emotional development. Standard three-week progress reports will be sent home at the three-week mark and report cards at the end of every six weeks. Teachers will begin sending home student work samples on a weekly basis. If you want information regarding your child’s progress, please reach out to your child’s teacher.

Classroom Observation

We have a required 131 formal classroom observations that need to be conducted by the end of the semester. We are on track to meet our goal, however, we need to continue to prioritize being in the classroom.

Claudia Vega