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There are so many Montessori resources available on the internet, it can be hard for parents to know where to begin.  The following resources come recommended by our Mata Montessori instructional coaches.

  • Montessori Guide is a resource for Montessori practitioners, but it is also a helpful way for parents to “peek” into Montessori classrooms to know what our students’ are doing and learning.  Watch any or all of these dozens of videos to see Montessori in the classroom.  Scroll down for videos relating to Primary and Elementary classrooms.
  • Wondering why our school teaches cursive handwriting? Read about the science of handwriting in this New York Times article. It includes research into the neural connections made with handwriting, enhancing learning that is not present on the keyboard.  Further encouragement to continue helping those kiddos with their cursive writing that’s begun!
  • Another great resource can be found through the University of California and Montessori World Educational Institute, which has made available to the public presentations by the late Margaret Homfray.  Homfray was a first-generation Montessorian who collaborated with Dr. Maria Montessori for more than 22 years and worked with her to develop the Language Materials and lessons now used in Montessori classrooms.  She established permanent Montessori teacher training centers in England, Ireland, the United States and Australia.  Through these videos, you can see not only how your child is taught to manipulate the materials but also understand what the purpose is for each piece.  For example, in the Sensorial/Practical Life videos, you will see a thorough explanation of the Binomial and Trinomial Cube that looks to a bystander as though the child is playing with blocks, but actually introduces the child to abstract math concepts used in algebra.  In the Beginning Reading Course videos, you will see, step by step, how a child is taught to “build words” and then is gently led to his own “explosion into reading.”
  • The Montessori Foundation offers weekly webinars that include topics such as, “Brain Development and the Montessori Way.”  The webinars are aimed at Montessori practitioners, and they fill up quickly, but past sessions are available through links on the same page.

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Check back periodically as we add additional resource links.