Oncor Mayor’s 5K Race

Mayor’s Race Information:

1. Meet at Mata Elementary at 7:45am in the auditorium. Please dress in WARM clothes.
**WE will be handing out shirts, bibs and fun hats!

***If you and your child are NOT riding the bus please come by the school by 8:15 am or Friday after school before the race to get your race shirt and bib.

2. Buses will leave the school at 8:30am.
3. Race begins at 11am (Parents may run with their child free of charge)
4. WE will all meet under the Mata Elementary sign in the field by the race course before and after the race.
5. Pancakes will be served after the kids finish running.
6. We will load the bus at 12:30 and be back on campus by 1pm. Please be on time to pick up your child if you are not attending the race.

Lastly, I am asking that all children who ride the bus also return to school on the bus. If your child needs to leave the race with you please sign them out with me (Coach Boyd). I will be under the Mata sign the whole race. This will help us keep track of all students!

Looking forward to Saturday!

More information here: Oncor Mayor’s 5K Race