Carpool and Bus Routes

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View Mata bus routes for the 2016-17 school year here.

 Morning drop off:


• Please note that there are two drop-off locations in the morning: the main entrance off of the East Grand Service Road, and the horseshoe along La Vista near the flagpole. Mata staff are available to assist children out of their cars at the main entrance drop-off. A staff member also will be stationed on the sidewalk by the rocks to assist with monitoring of children walking to the entrance. Parents who want to walk up their child should park along La Vista.

• It is most helpful (and safest) if you are going through the carpool line to have your child seated on the right side of the car with backpacks zipped and ready. There are several people outside each morning assisting your child with getting out of the car and entering the building.

• Please note that there are “no parking” signs installed along the East Grand Service Road. Please do not park and cross the street as it presents a major safety concern and creates congestion.

• There is also a “no right turn” sign. Please make sure that you turn to the left and go under the bridge after you have dropped off on this side of the building.

• We cannot direct traffic in the street, so please abide to the traffic guidelines to ensure a timely drop off. Remember that mobile devices are not permitted while driving in school zones.

• If available, please take advantage of bus routes in order to cut down on the amount of traffic.

• Primary (Pre-K and kindergarten) students report to the cafeteria. Lower Elementary (first- through third-grade) students report to the gym. Teachers pick up classes at 7:45 for breakfast in the classroom and morning routines. Students are tardy at 8 a.m.

Afternoon dismissal: