What to ask your child’s teacher at this week’s conference

Parent Conferences are coming up this week. Here are some useful tools for your toolkit if you are looking for sample questions to ask, courtesy of the Mata Montessori Site-Based Decision Making Committee.

You could ask your teacher:

  • to explain how they use Gradespeed, what you can expect to see and what different grades mean;
  • to show you your child’s individual work plan;
  • to explain how your child is progressing through the Montessori scope and sequence in each subject;
  • to show you examples of your child’s work;
  • to show you and explain Terra Nova/STARR scores; and
  • to discuss your child’s SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) report.

Please be aware that standard parent conferences are only 10 minutes long, so you are unlikely to cover all of these areas in this time. However, you are always welcome to arrange a separate meeting with your teacher if you would like to discuss further.