The Montessori Child at Home

At the first community coffee of the year, campus instructional coach John Hutcheson and Montessori facilitator JoAnn Turner provided advice for what parents can do to extend the Montessori experience at home. Here are some of those tips:

  • The home should center around the child being independent. One way to do this is setting aside a shelf in the kitchen accessible to the child with utensils and food items so they can make their own snacks. You can also create a snack drawer in the refrigerator with fruits and vegetables for them to get on their own. This article is a quick read with tips on how to encourage independence at home.
  • Children should be exposed to authentic wooden toys that ignite their imagination. Create a system to put their toys away, whether it is a bin or shelves, and make them responsible for cleaning up. Don’t have so many toys that it is overwhelming or impossible for them to pick up after themselves.
  • Let them play outdoors. Going barefoot gives them more sensory input.
  • Give children a checklist of 1-4 chores they know how to do and hold them accountable for completing it. The consequence of not finishing the tasks can simply be that they have to go back and complete it.