Grant Writing

During these tight economic times, it becomes incumbent on school organizations like the Mata PTA to be aggressive in raising funds. We can’t simply sit around hoping we will not experience another budget cut … right? In its first year, the Mata PTA took matters into our own hands and start raising funds through grant writing, wherein 100 percent of the proceeds benefit the school. As parents, we learned that Montessori materials are extremely expensive and not easily obtainable  Additionally, since the Montessori materials are not part of the average Dallas ISD curriculum, even getting a Montessori vendor approved can be quite difficult. During the 2014-2015 school year, we were awarded more than $30,000 in grant funding — simply because we asked.

Due to jobs and other constraints, many parents cannot volunteer during the school day or help in typical volunteer slots. But there are other ways to help! Do you write or fundraise professionally? Bake sales and car washes have their place, but through grant writing, we can raise significantly more money with the power of the pen and paper.

If you are interested in writing one of the many grants we have selected, please contact Julie Barrera and Shelby Bobosky for more information. Remember — the worst they can say is no … but we won’t know until we ask!