Room Representatives

The room representative coordinator organizes and distributes weekly school communication to room representatives in each class, and also helps room parents organize classroom volunteers and activities as well as support for each teacher. The 2016-17 room representative coordinator is Susana Lucas; please contact her with any questions or, if you are a Mata parent, to get in touch with your room representatives (listed below).

Mata Montessori has two room representatives for classroom. They communicate at least weekly with other classroom parents; organize classroom volunteers; and assist teachers in communication and needs for their classroom.

Room representatives for the 2016-17 school year are:


Allen: Jenny Kern and Caroline Hoard

Armada: Maria DeSimone and Monica Jackson

Boucher: Maria Moreno and Jackie Dunn Smith

Bradfield: Veronica Olivo and Jennifer Bartsch-Allen

Eguren: Vanessa Gray and Alicia Rodriguez

Paradas: Lauren Fazio and Susana Lucas

Rabadan: (need room rep) and Kerri Stampes

Lower Elementary

Calvillo: Alicia Rodriguez and Julie Fleming Barrera

Caminos: Celeste Rader-Phillips and Vanessa Ruiz

Hillburn: Rose Cospolich and Jessica Darnell

Lucas: Kelly Killian and Tina Davila

Nicholson: Jessica Darnell and Catherine Lynch

Methvin: Neli Bistrian and Angie Fierro

Offield: Maria DeSimone and Julie Peterson

Powers: Rose Cospolich and Pamela Kelley

Quiroz-Fahey: Michele VanArsdall and (need assistant)

Stout: Becky Villanueva and (need assistant)

Troutner: Emily Guthrie and Cora Burns

Special Education

Sookram: Christiana Lopez



Art/Music/Drama/PE: Kelly Killian

TAG: Emily Guthrie